6 Eyebrow Tips to Live By

A couple of weeks ago when I wrote about the launch of the Warren Tricomi’s braiding services, that was really only half of the story. The other exciting launch they celebrated that night was the opening of the Kristie Streicher Beauty Bar, a “one stop beauty haven for eyebrows, eyelashes and makeup.” It’s housed within the Warren Tricomi Los Angeles Salon.

I was thrilled to help toast Ms. Streicher (photographed working above) upon this accomplishment because she’s a fabulous brow artist and someone who I have leaned on to provide me with thoughtful advice and tips for many of the stories I’ve written over the years. And, of course, she’s someone who has a magical way of making my brows look their best. Because I know that not all of you can get to Los Angeles to experience Streicher’s masterful waxing and plucking process, I thought I’d share the six things she says every woman should know when it comes to their brows. Listen up, she kinda knows what she’s talking about …

Tip 1: “Eyebrows not only frame the eyes and face, but protect the eyes and should be as full as possible. We look best with what are a given naturally.”

Tip 2: “It takes six months for every hair we have growing on our brow to grow in. Be patient.”

Tip 3: “Brows should only be groomed every four to six weeks. I find that people groom too often and they’re creating several growth cycles thus creating more work. If you’re tweezing more than once a month, you’re creating more work for yourself and not getting the same hair every time.”

Tip 4: “I see a lot of over-tweezed and misshaped brows. It happens because we’re [plucking] them too frequently, not allowing ourselves to see the natural hair growth pattern. My advice is to take a break from your tweezers, if you’re [shaping your brows] yourself, or from your normal regime. I’m not saying don’t do anything for six months, but give it at least two to three months.  You’ll be amazed at what you do see. It will make you look years younger.”

Tip 5: “Dont use a magnifying mirror or obsess over every little straggler growing — no one sees those!”

Tip 6: “The ends of the eyebrows are naturally thinner than the rest the brow, and as we age they thin from the ends first. So, keep them as full as possible and only tweeze the few hairs in the arch area to open and lift eyes. Find the arch by placing a straight object such as a pencil at an angle from corner of your nose to just outside the pupil of your eye.”

So tell me, do you pay a pro to shape your brows or do you pluck them at home? And, do you have any specific questions for Streicher? Ask them by commenting on this post.

2 Responses to 6 Eyebrow Tips to Live By

  1. jan says:

    thanks for the great advice….i needed those pointers for sure!

  2. queenfrostine says:

    I need to take tips 3 and 5 to heart. I’m not one of those ladies who over-tweezes her brows to thin lines, but I have lots of stray hairs that pop up in the area between my crease and my brow and drive myself nuts trying to pluck them on a near daily basis. I *do* need to toss my magnifying mirror out!

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