Beauty Experiment: I Tinted My Eyebrows

After a summer of growing out my brows in all their full and natural (and sometimes unruly) glory, I was ready to have them cleaned up and sculpted for the fall. I headed straight to the Benefit Brow Bar in my neighborhood (click here to find one in your hood). As I was sitting in the chair, Roxy, my waxer asked, “Do you want a brown tint? I think it’ll look good on you.” What? The only time I ever died my brows was the short period that I died my hair chestnut brown (that’s a whole other story). But always up for a beauty experiment, I was game. So, using their vegetable-based dye, Roxy whipped up my custom shade brow tint and carefully applied the glaze-like color. I was amazed what a subtle, yet kind of dramatic difference it made to the look of my brows. They are just a little more defined and look even more full. I’m now totally obsessed because instead of making them just darker, I realized they are uniform in color. Much better. Check out the before and after — can you see the difference like I do?

Would you ever dye your brows?

— Carrie Stern Kleiner

2 Responses to Beauty Experiment: I Tinted My Eyebrows

  1. Auntie S says:

    I’ve been doing my own for some time. Makes a huge difference

  2. Alisa says:

    Your eyebrows look great with the tint. I think you would look great with dark auburn hair and bangs. That will really bring out your eyes and cheekbones and make you look younger.

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