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Twisted Tuesday: 4-Braid Halo

4-braid halo braided hairstyle

braided hairstyle halo braid

While I haven’t yet been able to keep an appointment for the big hair makeover you all voted on, I did have some time on Saturday to whip out a braided hairstyle. This was a very unplanned look, but I got a ton of compliments on it. It started off as a simple braided bang style and then morphed into this braided updo. Here’s how I did it:

Step 1: Create a side part and braid a two-inch section of hair on the side opposite your part. Start right at the top of your hairline.

Step: 2: Braid that section down to the ends and secure with a small elastic.


Help! Which Hairstyle Should I Try Next?

I’m in a serious hair rut. It’s mostly due to the fact that have I have zero time to style it these days — that’s what having a 2-year-old and a full-time job will do for you. But, I’m still just desperate for a change. I’m also a little bit torn as to which direction to go next though. Should I go shorter, blonder or just add some bangs? Two girls at my office told me to stick with the length, but I thought I’d open it up to you. So … given the three options, which do you think I should choose? Here’s a recent pic of me after a pro blowout. My hair normally lives in a ponytail:

photo (28)


OK, voting time. Which look (pulled from my Pinterest board, of course) should I try next?


Go For Gold … Manis, Makeup and Hairstyles

The Olympic athletes aren’t the only ones with gold on their minds. Backstage at New York Fashion Week, gold accents were everywhere — from dipped braids to 24 karat manicures. If you want to add a little bling to your look, try one of these winning looks.

Tadashi Shoji: Manicure by Katie Jane Hughes, Butter London Global Colour Ambassador

Tadashi Shoji: Manicure by Katie Jane Hughes, Butter London Global Colour Ambassador

SUNO: Hairstyle by Odile Gilbert for Kerastase

SUNO: Hairstyle by Odile Gilbert for Kerastase

Mara Hoffman: Manicure by Honey Nailz for Maybelline New York

Mara Hoffman: Manicure by Honey Nailz for Maybelline New York

Lela Rose: Makeup by Romy Soleimani for Beauty.com

Lela Rose: Makeup by Romy Soleimani for Beauty.com

Mara Hoffman: Hairstyle by Nick Irwin, Catwalk by TIGI Global Creative Director

Mara Hoffman: Hairstyle by Catwalk by Nick Irwin, TIGI Global Creative Director

Twisted Tuesday: The Classic Braid

braided-hairstyleUntil my sister Sam recently sported a classic braid (you know, the one you wore circa the third grade) for a morning walk we took together, I had totally overlooked it as an option. Until today, that is.

It’s seriously simple, but it’s a nice alternative to a blah ponytail. I also happen to think it looks pretty great when paired with a fall or winter scarf.

Although I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how to do this, I’ll share a couple of steps specific to this more laid-back version I created:

Step 1: Create a mid-height ponytail and secure with an elastic. I simply raked my hair into the pony to give it a slightly messy finish. The haphazardness prevents the look from being too severe.

Step 2: Loosely braid your ponytail to the ends and secure with a clear elastic. Again, keeping the braid loose prevents your style from looking Olympic gymnast-ready.

Twisted Tuesday: Halo Braid

The husband hadn't had his coffee yet when he snapped this, so it's a little blurry.

The husband hadn’t had his coffee yet when he snapped this, so it’s a little out of focus.

I’ve been slacking in the hairstyling department, so in order to help me get my act together, I’m kicking off a new column. Every Tuesday I’ll post photos of a new braided hairstyle. If that’s not motivation, I’m not sure what is.

Today’s look: A braided halo. It’s different from this one in that you must have long hair to pull it off. If your hair is medium-length or shorter (but still long enough to braid), try this cheater version.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Part the front of your hair where you like it.

Step 2: Start French braiding your hair (check out this braiding video for help with that) along one side of your head – starting right at the top. You’ll French braid it along your hairline until you reach your opposite ear. At this point, all of your hair should be in the French braid.

Step 3: Regular braid your hair until you reach the ends (like you would with a normal French braid. Secure with a tiny, clear elastic. The braid should now be hanging loose over your ear.

Step 4: Wrap the hanging tail of your braid around to the opposite side of your head. Secure it to the crown of your head. Hide the ends of your hair and the elastic by tucking them under the braid and securing with a couple of bobby pins.

10 Reasons Why a Professional Blowout is Worth Splurging On


I was lucky enough to sneak away for a lunchtime blowout at the newest Drybar location in Pasadena, Calif. when it opened last week. And, because my stylist knew I was short on time, she enlisted a teammate to help her finish off my style in record time. Talk about service! Anyway, when I left with a newfound spring in my step, I got to thinking about all of the reasons why spending $35-40 on a professional blowdry is so worth it. Here are 10 reasons why I think you should splurge on a blowout:

1. You don’t have to wash your own hair. (This is something I dread doing and have zero time for now that I have a little one).

2. Not only do you not have to wash your own hair, but you get a relaxing head massage in the process. This visit dropped my stress level a couple of notches, no doubt.

3. If you go to Drybar, you can watch a quality chick flick while you’re getting your hair done. Bonus. Eat Pray Love was on during my visit.

4. Stress relief. I have nearly fallen asleep while having my hair blow dried. It’s seriously relaxing.

5. You can try a style that you wish you could master yourself. I’ve still never been able to create curl in my strands using a round brush alone. I’m am constantly impressed by this.

6. Unlike when you get a cut and/or color, you’re not nearly as nervous that your hair won’t come out the way you hoped. It’s just a blowdry, so even if you’re not thrilled with it, it’s so not permanent. That fact definitely takes a load off.

7. It’s an hour of “me” time. If you’re like me and have an infant at home and a job that keeps you on your toes, finding an hour for yourself is a constant challenge. Being able to sneak away for an hour at lunch and come back looking fabulous is priceless.

8. It’ll warm you up. On a chilly winter day when you just can’t get warm, a hot blowdry is just what you need. Sounds weird, but I’m always cold, so this is a fab fix.

9. You end up with a gorgeous-looking style. Duh. Even if you’re sick of your hair or don’t love your layers, a quality blowout can make you feel better about your strands.

10. The great hair high. Seriously, if your hair looks great, you feel like you can conquer the world. Or at the very least, you’ll have an extra spring in your step.

Now tell me, have you ever splurged on a blowout? Would you and why?

Kate Middleton Breaks Out of Her Hair Rut: Copy Her Look

Just as I was about to declare that Kate Middleton seemed to be in a bit of a hair rut, she went out and got herself a fabulous braided updo. Kudos to her for being brave enough to try something new. She should do it more often. And, so should the rest of us. If you’re one of those women who always wears her hair down, try a half-up ‘do, a braided bang or even a full updo like Middleton’s. Or, if you’re a ponytail addict (like me), try wearing your hair down once a week. You can copy Middleton’s go-to style. The compliments are sure to roll in and the much-need change might just help you love your hair again.

To create a braided updo similar to Middleton’s, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a side part and clip your bang area (opposite your part) out of the way.

Step 2: Starting at the temple on the same side as your part, French braid that side section of hair. Secure the end of the braid with a tiny clear elastic.

Step 3: French braid the opposite side (excluding the clipped bang section), but start this braid just above your ear. Secure with a tiny clear elastic. At this point you should have two side braids, a hanging section of hair at the bottom and your clipped bangs.

Step 4: Crisscross the braids at the back of your head, tuck in the ends then secure the braid to your scalp with bobby pins.

Step 5: Roll up the hanging hair at the back of your head into a chignon shape and secure it just below the braids with bobby pins.

Step 6: Finish the look by removing the clip in your bang area and sweeping the section back toward the braids. Secure it by tucking and pinning the section into the braids.

Slick Hairstyles for Spring

Slick and soaking wet-looking hairstyles were all over the spring 2012 runways as the above photos from the Victoria Beckham, Prabal Gurung and BCBG shows prove. And although most of us won’t necessarily start emulating these styles exactly — or the more dramatic ones where hair is left hanging and looks totally wet — we will likely wear a sleek ponytail or bun this spring. They’re two go-to styles that take only minutes to do.

Edward Tricomi of the Warren-Tricomi salons agrees that a sleek bun for spring is just the ticket and recommends to “… simply pull your hair back into a low chignon and [secure] it with either bobby pins for a daytime look or a more embellished accessory for evening.” He even suggests using conditioner instead of gel to create your sleek finish. That way, “hair is being protected and treated at the same time,” he says. If your hair feels dry or looks dull, this is a great way to bring it back to life without compromising your style. I’m all for it.

Hair and Makeup Tricks Courtesy of L’Oreal Paris Experts Plus Enter Our Glam Giveaway

I caught up with the hair and makeup pros who were busy beautifying guests for the many events, parties and dinners that take place during Golden Globes weekend. Here are the top five tips I personally think are worth adopting:

Tip 1: Use eyeshadow base. Though many of us skip this step, makeup artist April Chaney says it’s essential if you want your eye makeup to last all day. It also helps the shadow you put over it really pop.

Tip 2: Change up your part. Confession: I rarely (OK, never) change up my part. My hair just wants to part where it wants to part and it’s not easy to fight it. But, after chatting with hairstylist Ramiro Rodriguez I am going to start to make an effort to switch it up. He said that if we always wear the same part, our hair actually thins out along that part. Based on my own experience I believe this to be true, though I’ll have to confirm with a doc. Either way, it can’t hurt to make a change every once in a while, right?

Tip 3: Always finish your makeup look by sweeping loose powder under your eyes using a tapered eyeshadow brush, says Chaney. It’ll prevent makeup from creasing it that area.

Tip 4: Add a bit of movement and soft texture to strands while flat ironing. If you’re not going for a pin-straight style, twist some of the sections of your hair before gliding over them with a flat iron. Rodriguez says this will add a bit of bend to your hair and give you a more lived-in finish.

Tip 5: Top your lip color with clear gloss to keep lips looking fresh all day. Chaney says that when celebrities need to look fabulous for the cameras for hours, her trick is to first apply a lip color of choice and then top it with a glassy, clear gloss like L’Oreal Color Riche Le Gloss in Naturally Nude, $7.95. As the day goes on only reapply the gloss to freshen up your lip color and keep your lips looking moist. It’ll act like a barrier for your color — keeping it intact all day.

But that’s not all …

In celebration of the Golden Globes, I have a red carpet-worthy glam giveaway to award to one lucky reader who comments on this post. We’re giving away …

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Comment on this post by Monday, January 16th at 8pm EST for a chance to win. US Only.

How to Get Olivia Wilde’s New Textured Bob Haircut

What do you think of Olivia Wilde’s new bob with bangs haircut? I’m a fan. I think the casual, textured look softens her overall appearance. A perfect look for a more angular face shape. If you want to give this haircut a try, ask your stylist for the following:

A shoulder-length textured bob with soft fringe. David Babaii, the stylist who created Wilde’s look specifically cut a precise bob shape and then cut long, natural layers in Wilde’s hair from the nape of her neck to the crown of her head to to create the texture you see here. Next, he used the points of the eyebrows as a guide for the bang length and then chipped into the ends of the bangs to give them a less blunt finish.

To style Wilde’s new haircut, he applied a shine enhancing product all over (try Kerastase Elixir Ultime, $54) and a texturizing spray at the roots (try Redken Rootful 06 Root Lifting Spray, $15.50). He then rough dried Wilde’s hair with his hands until it was almost fully dry, and then used a small round brush to create smooth, soft waves. (Creating waves or curls with a round brush can be tricky if you’re not a pro, but a medium-sized curling iron can give you the same effect. Just wrap sections around the iron instead of clamping them in for a looser, less perfect finish.) He finished with a light-hold hairspray (try Suave Touchable Finish Lightweight Hold Hairspray, $3.49) to make the look last.

Will you try this bob haircut? Or do you prefer a sleeker look — something more like Rachael Taylor’s chic bob?