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Bring on the Bright Lip Colors

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm StainI love a bright lip look. It’s a cinch to do — no fancy application techniques required. It’s low commitment in terms of cost. And, it can instantly make you look pulled together — even when in reality you’ve spent less than two minutes on your makeup.

That’s why I’m beyond thrilled that bright, in-your-face lips are a huge trend for spring. I’m embracing it for sure. When I wore the bold look last week, one of the girls in my office told me the bright shade should be my new go-to. I might just take her advice. Well, that’s if I can resist all of the other great products and shades on the shelves right now.

The bright lip color I’ve been using: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain in Smitten, $8.99. This fuchsia shade looks great on my fair skin tone. And, the formula is devine. The pigments are rich and long-lasting (similar to a stain), and the balmy texture hydrates your lips just enough so that they’re not totally parched (a feeling that often comes along with wearing a lip stain), but not so much that the color seeps into fine lines. I can slick it on in the morning and still have a decent amount of color left on my lips at night — without touchups.

It’s practically perfect.

Dakota Fanning’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Red Carpet Look

By the time some of you true Twihards out there read this, you’ll have already seen the highly-anticipated final flick in the Twilight series. And, if you’ve been paying attention to all of the hoopla surrounding the release of this film, then you probably know that the lovely Dakota Fanning showed up at the premiere as a brunette. What do you think of her new hair color?

I think it definitely adds a level of sophistication to her look. And, the makeup she sported was the perfect complement to her new hue. One of my in-the-know friends gave me scoop how to copy her look. Here’s the breakdown:


Dermalogica Age Smart SkinPerfect Primer SPF 30, $48. (Love this stuff!)


Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour in Burnished Copper, $22.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Smoky Lash Mascara in Black, $22.


Nars The Multiple in Portofino, $39.


Stila Long Wear Lip Color in Intriguing, $20.

It’s the perfect makeup look for day or night. A classic go-to.

Image: SFGate

KA-POW! Bright Pink Lips

This bright pink, matte lipstick Ginnifer Goodwin’s rockin’ is just about the coolest shade I’ve seen on the red carpet lately (and a slightly bolder version of the look Elizabeth Banks sported last month). The perfect, almost neon pink makes a major statement, especially in relation to her lady-like white lace dress. Pretty, pretty! I love how she kept the rest of her makeup and hair clean and simple. I mean, let the lips speak for themselves, right? To make ultra-bold lips fade- and feather-proof, follow these steps:

Step 1. Dab a tiny bit of your regular concealer over your lips and around the edges. This fills in any fine-lines so the color doesn’t bleed and creates a nice base for your lipstick to hang on to. I love Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette, $10.

Step 2. Line your lips with a pencil in the same (or similar) bold shade to give your lips a sharp outline. Try MAC Lip Pencil in Embrace Me, $14.

Step 3. Finally, fill in with the crazy pink of your choice, like Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Carthage, $25.

I’m wearing this color tomorrow. Would you wear your lips this bright?

– Carrie Stern Kleiner

Image: Hollywoodlife.com

How to Get Matte Red Lips That Really Last

When backstage at the Monique Lhuillier show during New York Fashion Week, I learned a pretty snazzy trick that’ll help make all of your bold lipsticks — red included — last longer and look perfectly matte. The secret is blush, yes, blush.

Makeup artist Val Garland created a gorgeous look (a la an “early ’90s Helmut Lang girl”) that was defined by a fabulous red lip. And, in order to get the perfect shade of red you see above, she mixed three products. First she applied a blue-based red lip liner (she used MAC Lip Pencil in Cherry, $14) then she topped the liner with a yellow-based red lipstick (she used MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger, $14.50). The combo together adds depth to your pout to make it look fuller. And finally, the most important and interesting part — she set the lipstick with blush. Yes, the powdery stuff you normally dust on your cheeks. She dabbed a reddish orange blush over the lipstick to make it appear super matte and to set the color for long-lasting wear. She used MAC Pro Satin Blush in Devil, $15.50 (available at Pro stores only).

I’ve set mine with loose powder before, but haven’t ever tried blush. Have you? I’m definitely attempting it the next time I go for red.

Hair and Makeup Tricks Courtesy of L’Oreal Paris Experts Plus Enter Our Glam Giveaway

I caught up with the hair and makeup pros who were busy beautifying guests for the many events, parties and dinners that take place during Golden Globes weekend. Here are the top five tips I personally think are worth adopting:

Tip 1: Use eyeshadow base. Though many of us skip this step, makeup artist April Chaney says it’s essential if you want your eye makeup to last all day. It also helps the shadow you put over it really pop.

Tip 2: Change up your part. Confession: I rarely (OK, never) change up my part. My hair just wants to part where it wants to part and it’s not easy to fight it. But, after chatting with hairstylist Ramiro Rodriguez I am going to start to make an effort to switch it up. He said that if we always wear the same part, our hair actually thins out along that part. Based on my own experience I believe this to be true, though I’ll have to confirm with a doc. Either way, it can’t hurt to make a change every once in a while, right?

Tip 3: Always finish your makeup look by sweeping loose powder under your eyes using a tapered eyeshadow brush, says Chaney. It’ll prevent makeup from creasing it that area.

Tip 4: Add a bit of movement and soft texture to strands while flat ironing. If you’re not going for a pin-straight style, twist some of the sections of your hair before gliding over them with a flat iron. Rodriguez says this will add a bit of bend to your hair and give you a more lived-in finish.

Tip 5: Top your lip color with clear gloss to keep lips looking fresh all day. Chaney says that when celebrities need to look fabulous for the cameras for hours, her trick is to first apply a lip color of choice and then top it with a glassy, clear gloss like L’Oreal Color Riche Le Gloss in Naturally Nude, $7.95. As the day goes on only reapply the gloss to freshen up your lip color and keep your lips looking moist. It’ll act like a barrier for your color — keeping it intact all day.

But that’s not all …

In celebration of the Golden Globes, I have a red carpet-worthy glam giveaway to award to one lucky reader who comments on this post. We’re giving away …

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Best Bold Lip Colors for the Holidays Final Take

It’s been cold this week in New York and there’s no better way to brighten your day than by wearing a bright red lipstick — so chic. I’ve been totally obsessed with the creamy lip colors that go on like a gloss but last like a stain (though my favorites keep being discontinued, so I’m going to resist sharing the specific products with you here). But, nothing beats the look of regular old red lipstick. So, I’d like to share two tips that have totally changed the lip color game for me, and have made sporting the bold lip hues so much better.

First, I always start with a stain topped with the lipstick color I want. This ensures that I’ll never have that awkward faded-in-the-middle look that always seems to happen midday. Any gel or stain marker will do, but my go-to stain “base” over the years has been Vincent Longo Original Lip and Cheek Gel Stain in Baby Boo $22.50. It’s a slightly darker version of my natural lip color, and it isn’t drying at all. Next, I apply my bold lipstick of choice. Then, the final touch is to use a foundation brush and a bit of concealer to very carefully trace the outline of my lips. This keeps everything in place and gives the red a nice sharp line that looks oh-so professional.

So tell me, what do you do to liven up your look in the cold weather? Does lipstick do it for you, too?

— Carrie Stern Kleiner

Best Bold Lip Colors for the Holidays Take Three

Today’s bold lip color (now that I’m back in action after a few of fun-filled days with the family) is NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa, $6 — a head turning magenta shade. What’s great about this product in particular is that it has a sponge applicator, which allows you to get a really precise application without having to use a separate lip brush. I usually apply most lipsticks with a lip brush to get the flawless finish that is a MUST when wearing bold lip colors. But with this, I can glide it on right from the included wand. Great for on-the-go touching up. And, the creamy/mousse-y texture allows the color to really last — and the price point isn’t too shabby either.

So, what do you think of the electric pink lips? Would you dare?

Overdraw Your Lips Without Looking Like a Drag Queen

I’m obviously fixated on my skinny lip problem this week because I couldn’t help but ask the amazing Charlotte Tilbury how to overdraw lips “in a sensual way as opposed to a drag queen way” — her words, not mine (unfortunately). The answer she gave me, while working like a mad woman to create orchid-inspired lips that were darker in the center, brighter on the outer edges, and overdrawn (of course) backstage at the Prabal Gurung show during New York Fashion Week, was …

The key is to avoid “harsh lines,” she says. So instead of using a very sharp and pointed lip pencil to draw your lips, rub your pencil across the back of your hand many times to soften and dull the tip before using it. This will help it glide on in a more diffused way, and then all you’ll need to do is “blend it out to get [even] softer lines, so lips look bigger without looking heavy or like a drag queen,” says Tilbury. You can soften edges further with a Q-tip or lip brush, if needed.

Between overdrawing my lips and applying multi-colored gloss hues like Mally Roncal suggested, I’ll have fuller lips in no time.

Now tell me, which feature are you fixated on this week? Maybe I can dig through my notes to find you a solution, too.

“Should I Match My Cheek Color With My Eye and Lip Colors”

Reader Question: “Should I match my cheek color with my eye and lip colors or should I just stick with one that works with my skin tone?” — Colleen

Answer: “It looks the most cohesive when your blush and your lip color are in the same color family,” says Los Angeles-based makeup artist Fiona Stiles who is fabulously pictured above. “If you have an orange blush with a pinkish lip it can be a little jarring,” she adds.

Side note: Another makeup artist once pointed out to a colleague of mine that the Kardashian sisters are notorious for mismatched cheeks and lips and that it drove her crazy. If you look closely at some of the photos of them, it’ll no doubt bother you a bit, too. Anyway, back to Stiles’ helpful advice … (more…)

5 Tricks to Looking Younger

Because today is my birthday, I thought I’d devote this post to sharing a few of my skin care and makeup tricks — the ones I think (hope!) contribute to many people thinking I look younger than I actually am. Let’s hope this continues for another … oh, 40 years or so.

Trick 1: Apply blush high up on the apples of your cheeks. If you have a long, narrow face like mine, this not only gives your cheeks a lifted effect, but it also makes your face appear a bit fuller. I’ve been wearing RAWColor Native Essence Pure Pigment Cheek Color in Horizon, $26.

Trick 2: Use retinoids. I initially started using these to help with regular breakouts (er, maybe it’s the breakouts that make people think I look younger — sure hope not), but in addition to clearing up spots, the overall appearance of my skin became glowy while the texture of my face became very smooth as well. Retinoids are clinically proven to reduce fine lines, build collagen and keep pores clear, so if anti-aging is your MO you should definitely consider using one. The strongest forms can be found in prescription products like Retin-A Micro, Renova, Tazorac, Differin (my fave), but you can also find retinol (the most common over-the-counter form of a retinoid) at the department or drugstore. One to try: SkinCeuticals 1.0, $59.